Building Safely is Building Better!

We’re devoted to safety. Just take a look at our OSHA logs and you’ll know what we mean. And our safety program doesn’t just meet industry standards, it exceeds them. Our low reportable injury and accident rate shows that Building Better means Building Safely.

Since 2010, we haven’t had any injuries that incur a loss of wages or days off. In fact, from 2010 through 2014, we had zero injuries and the one injury we reported in 2015 was a small cut on the hand. That’s a truly amazing reflection of our dedication to safety, considering how many jobs we complete each year.

It all begins with our superintendents who are the absolute best in the business. The overall safety of each project is in their hands, so they complete daily job site walk-throughs to ensure all hazards are controlled and that subcontractors are held accountable when it comes to mitigating risks on our sites.

We also require that specific team members complete safety training in the following areas:

  • All Project Managers, Superintendents and Team Leaders must complete Safety Leadership and an OSHA 10-hour classroom course.
  • All Project Superintendents and Field Team Leaders must complete equipment training and be certified to operate all equipment used on our projects.
  • All Project Superintendents and Field Team Leaders must become certified in first aid and CPR.


But it doesn’t stop there. Our safety committee ensures that we are in compliance with all safety regulations on each of our jobs. They hold a monthly safety review to discuss results of any safety audits or mishaps and analyze any “close calls” to ensure we take the proper measures to prevent any future violations.

Buffalo Construction, Inc. is determined to build safely. It’s part of how we Build Better! 




Thanks to our diligent and purposeful safety habits, Buffalo Construction, Inc. is a proud member of the National Safety Council.