Building Better Means Building Safely

Though there are a lot of aspects that attribute to our "Building Better" philosophy, we believe safety should be at the center of every decision we make when it comes to our job sites. Establishing safety as a central focus allows us to complete projects in a more efficient manner, as we are assured we are doing every detailed task the right way. Taking the time to ensure that we are in compliance with all safety regulations ends up saving us time in the long run, while yielding a better overall product to our customers. Our Safety Promoter, John Kline, heads up our safety department.

Buffalo Construction, Inc. utilizes a safety committee to ensure compliance with all safety regulations with each job we do. Along with John Kline, the committee is made up of Scott A. Gregor (President and CEO), John Hunter (CFO) and Andy Gregor (Vice President). These members hold a monthly safety review, discussing results of any safety audits or mishaps and analyzing any “close calls” to ensure we take the proper measures to prevent any future violations.

The real results of our devotion to safety are evident at our job sites. That’s where it all begins. Reducing the risk of injury and loss of workers, subcontractors, and the public is a top priority. We do Safety Better. Stampeding out the hazards helps us Build Better!

Every single one of our superintendents, project managers, and team leaders complete a comprehensive Safety Leadership program, as well as an OSHA 30 hour workshop. This results in all of our field personnel to be on the same page when it comes to the security of our job sites. Our superintendents are in charge of the overall safety of a specific project, and complete daily walk-throughs ensuring all hazards are controlled and that all subcontractors are held accountable when it comes to mitigating risks on our sites.

In addition to the daily inspections, the superintendents are responsible for holding what we call “Tool Box Talks,” a weekly safety meeting involving all field personnel on their job site, including the subcontractors. During these talks, they pick a relevant topic to discuss, identifying possible hazards and associated risks, and ensuring all are educated on safety management.

Buffalo Construction Inc. does everything in its power to deliver a quality product in the safest way possible. Through our safety promoter, we are able to educate, advise and set expectations in regards to safety. However, it doesn’t stop there. We must also make a conscious effort to “inspect what we expect.” From the details of safety policies and procedures all the way to the safety audits and accident investigations, we are determined to do the right thing, the right way. This allows Buffalo Construction, Inc. to deliver a better build, every single time.