Looking Back On 20 Years With The Herd

Like many great success stories, Buffalo Construction, Inc. has humble beginnings. With a sketch of a buffalo in a day planner and the name chosen by a former partner, we set out on our journey with Roman at our side.

Born from the need for construction support for Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Construction, Inc. became an official entity on March 10, 1997. Our first job was building a Texas Roadhouse in Grand Junction, Colorado, in June of that same year. Within the first year of business, we knew we were roaming the right path, but we couldn’t have imagined how incredible the journey would be.


Where It All Began

Our president, Scott A. Gregor, knew what he wanted to do for a living from the day he graduated high school. He began work as a laborer in the construction field and worked his way up to project manager, in charge of hiring contractors for a restaurant group in California.

Scott gained the rest of his business savvy from Texas Roadhouse, who he attributes with helping Buffalo Construction, Inc. get to where we are today. We took cues from the Texas Roadhouse way of business when we laid out our culture and business model. Through our work with them, we learned the best ways to do business. We created a model from those builds that we now use across all construction segments. We know our onsite Superintendents are the lifeblood of our company, so our support team depends on the field team’s expertise and judgment—not the other way around. This approach flips the industry standard on its head and has made Buffalo Construction, Inc. a respected name in construction.

We always say we are not a construction business—we are in the relationship business. We build relationships with our teammates, our Vendor Partners and our Client Partners. The buildings we create are the awesome results of these relationships. They showcase our strength and dedication to each other and to the job at hand.

Those Early Days, Though

Though Buffalo Construction, Inc. began with Scott sitting in a small cubicle with a laptop, the company grew within a couple of years. Scott’s brother, Andy Gregor, our Vice President, was the second hire. Soon after, Dawn Starcher moseyed in and worked off of a pile of boxes until she got a desk. Thankfully, she stuck with us and still kicks hide managing our office today. The Herd has continued to grow ever since. We survived the recession in 2008 and managed to keep working despite downturns in every industry. We’ve been fortunate to grow along with our established Client Partners, and we couldn’t have survived without them. Through them, we stabilized the business the following year and came back even stronger. We gained our first retail build in 2009 with Tractor Supply Company, which remains one of our longstanding retail Client Partners.  

By 2011 the size of the Herd was growing almost weekly, which made Roman proud. We expanded our remodeling business and by 2012 had gained a significant foothold in major restaurant concept development. The following year we added Kroger, Hobby Lobby and Valvoline to our retail client base, and in 2014 started our first big-box project with Walmart. Our vertical segments in the following two years grew to include major players in the retail, hospitality, wellness and gas & oil industries, which led to us creating our PODs concept in 2016.

On the Horizon

We have awesome plans to make 2017 even greater for us all. We’ve given the team a goal to strive for over the next couple of years. If we hit our performance goals and client service goals by the end of 2019, we will take the whole company—including Roman—and their families to the Bahamas in 2020. And that’s a promise.

As for the next 20 years? We have even bigger goals. We will continue to grow the business in all verticals and focus on hitting the $1 billion mark sooner than 2037. Don’t mistake our growth ambitions for greed, though. Growth in the Herd means promotions and new opportunities for teammates. It also means our Client Partners get what they deserve: Immaculate job sites, awesome customer service and a warranty on work that can’t be beaten.

We’re meeting the future head on and we are ready. Together we’ve grown and become a family, roaming the U.S. and Building Better!