The Herd Lends a Helping Hoof

There are few things that make the Herd happier than the chance to bring our motto – Building Better! – to life in our own community. That’s why we were so proud to be invited alongside other volunteers and community members to participate in a Habitat for Humanity “Love Your Neighborhood” volunteer day on September 23, 2017, in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville, KY.

Habitat for Humanity launched this initiative in 2016 and focuses on community development and repair through partnerships with homeowners and community groups like Buffalo Construction, Inc. By creating a safer and healthier living environment, “Love Your Neighborhood” hopes to strengthen the dynamic between individual pride, community engagement and neighborhood livability.

They chose Russell for this “Love Your Neighborhood” day because the community is working hard to change its public image. Russell is one of Louisville’s oldest neighborhoods and was one of the first areas to be connected to downtown Louisville via streetcar. However, as means of travel around the city advanced and other neighborhoods became more accessible, the community of Russell slowly began to struggle. Now, the area is one of Louisville’s most financially depressed neighborhoods, and the residents are focusing their efforts on revitalization.

Our teammates and their families jumped at the chance to help out the Russell community. In addition to sending volunteers to the event, we also hosted a contest of our own. Our teammates’ kids entered original drawings to be printed on t-shirts that the Herd wore on the big day. We also had shirts for sale to other teammates, to help raise money for Habitat.

During the event, we were proud to help out with alley and street clean-up; repairs to porches, gutters, ramps, and fences; landscaping and cleaning the community garden; and painting flower pots, planting and sharing potted plants with the neighbors. Lending a helping hoof to the Russell neighborhood was a true pleasure for the Herd!