The Final Act Begins at Saint Francis School Amp, Theater & Lobby Project

It seems like just yesterday we were breaking ground at St. Francis School for their Main Amp,Theater and Lobby renovation project, so it's amazing to see the progress our team has made despite the less than ideal weather we've received this winter. Working with the SFS team and students has been so much fun for our Herd. Every day, little faces (and sometimes adult ones) peer in the portholes we installed, taking in the magic happening behind the curtain.

From initial demo of the existing amphitheater to steel erection for the new addition, the students have had first-row access while learning about the different stages of construction.  Everyone has a played a vital role in this project, from our topnotch Vendor Partners to the awesome SFS faculty. Roman and SFS mascot, the Wyvern, welcomed the donors and construction committee for the mid-construction VIP Hardhat Tour. 

The students even participated in a hands-on activity using plaster to demonstrate the pouring of concrete. Superintendent, Joe Cantrell, also gave an official behind-the-scenes tour of what will be the school's all new state-of-the-art theater venue.  

Check out the progress in the awesome drone video, courtesy of our own Krusty Games: