Ken  Weddle

Ken Weddle

Project Superintendent

I doubt anyone would even try to claim that Ken isn’t innovative. This guy has 11 patents on items he’s personally invented! So it’s no surprise that he’s always coming up with yet more ways to Build Better! It’s his management experience and keen attention to detail, though, that help him most on the job as Project Superintendent for the Herd.

Ken is originally from Trafalgar, Ind., but he and his wife, Sharon, now live in New Albany, Ind. After working hard on the job, he enjoys his downtime. Ken loves tinkering with muscle cars, catching some rays at the beach, or hiking in the woods. He hopes to someday build a quiet home in the woods for him and his wife to get away from it all, and we’re sure it’ll be decked out with some interesting self-invented amenities.