Rosalia  Buckovecs

Rosalia Buckovecs

Project Superintendent

If you're in search of a role model look no further than Rosalia. She takes pride in being honest, celebrates her vendor partners, and is an effective communicator. She understands the importance of hard work and is eager to make sure all those involved in a project are proud of the building that has been completed. Rosalia is a Project Superintendent for the hotel industry and won a prestigious award from Hilton for turning over a hotel 3 months early. WOW!  

She is also an adventure seeker. Rosalia has traveled to many places across the US and gives her children the opportunity to travel and enjoy new experiences. She lived on a boat for 3 years with her children near Baja California, been rock climbing all over the west coast, and taken her children snowboarding in New Mexico. This only scrapes the surface of all the travel and fun opportunities she provides for her family.   

Rosalia has two children, Raqual and Cam, and they currently live in TX. Fun Fact: her family was one of the first families to come to the Americas.