Jerry  Proctor

Jerry Proctor

Project Manager

From the wee age of 6 Jerry knew construction was his calling. He would help his dad on jobsites driving nails in wood and by the time he was 14 he was spending 12-hour days on job sites toting around plans bigger than him. Although Jerry graduated with a Bachelors of Geology from Kansas State, he will tell you he spent more time on job sites than he did in class. Since becoming a Project Manager in 1986, Jerry has built some incredible projects. A few of his most notable works are – a design build project for a 10 million gallon/year ethanol plant, generating a design build proposal for Boeing to build a 10,00 s.f. cold storage with a 2,400 s.f. cool dock, and building several elementary and high schools. As of late, Jerry builds large hotels and will be a Project Manager in our hotel and hospitality sector.  

Jerry stands out from the rest. Not only for his great achievements as a Project Manager, but mostly because he doesn't own anything other than purple. Jerry graduated from the great K-State as well as all 4 of his sons and as a die-hard Kansas State Fan, some may say his fandom borderlines obsession, but we love him all the same! Jerry also loves convertible mustangs and enjoys restoring them. He’s currently working on restoring two Mustangs (1965 and 1966). 

Fun fact, Jerry always rents a convertible when he travels, so he can take a selfie in his car with his projects in the background!