Corps of Engineers Safety Manual - This is provided for reference only. Most Buffalo Construction projects follow Federal or State OSHA standards. If the EM 385-1-1 is to be followed, the Corporate Office will inform all personnel involved.

English to Spanish Construction/Safety Terms - Originally published by Oregon OSHA. It is an excellent, searchable index of most construction terms.

Spanish to English Construction/Safety Terms - Great tool to give to a subcontractor that has high amounts of Hispanic workers to help them communicate with English-speaking people.

External Links

MSDS Search – Operated by the University of Vermont.

Data Sheet Search – Operated by Seton. You can find virtually any Material Safety Data Sheet. Likely the new "SDS" format will begin showing up here as well.

Traffic Control Regulations – Link to the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This is a guide for street signage and temporary street closings and crossings. Followed by most states as well.

OSHA Info – OSHA's Training page. Lots of good sample programs included.

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