Headshot of Jason Dillard
Headshot of Jason Dillard
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Jason Dillard

Project Superintendent

Meet our seasoned Project Superintendent and the maestro of multitasking at Buffalo Construction, Inc. With a marriage spanning 15 years, our champion is not just a dedicated professional but also a family-oriented dynamo. Proudly wearing the hat of a father to Sydney and Ben, and a dog parent to the lovable Huckleberry, he effortlessly balances his roles both on and off the construction site.

When he's not ensuring the safety and efficiency of our Chick-fil-A account, you can catch him cheering on the Atlanta Braves as a seasoned season ticket holder. He's not just a spectator; he brings the same fervor to his hobbies, whether it's tearing up the golf course, enjoying the thrill of side-by-sides, or hitting the mark at the shooting range.

Beyond the construction hustle, our Project Superintendent is a mentor extraordinaire, nurturing the growth of new Supers with a blend of wisdom and humor. Despite managing budgets and schedules with precision, he never loses sight of the importance of a well-deserved beach vacation with his family. With a beach-ready mindset and a commitment to ensuring everyone makes it home safely, our Project Superintendent embodies the Buffalo spirit—strong, resilient, and always ready for the next challenge. So, whether he's guiding our vendors or guiding his golf swing, our Project Superintendent is the true MVP of the Buffalo Construction team.

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