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Meeting you where you are, offering tailored solutions that fit your unique needs and managing every detail along the way—that’s Building Better, and that’s what a comprehensive building partner can do for you. From napkin sketches to archived blueprints, we align with your vision and goals to create a collaborative team dedicated to delivering an exceptional build experience from the ground up.

Our process

We lay the groundwork for a great build in our discovery stage. Our team begins by listening to your goals, aligning with your needs, and doing the due diligence required to make your project succeed.

Once we identify your project needs and goals, we'll analyze the details and anticipate the obstacles. This is the special sauce that helps us protect your investment and give you the confidence to take the next step. We’ll carefully evaluate time and budget considerations and work together to explore design options, evaluate market potential and meet regulatory requirements so your project goes smoothly.

Thorough pre-construction efforts result in a comprehensive build plan, facilitating a seamless construction process with minimal surprises.

Discovery Services

  • Conceptual Design
  • Conceptual budgeting
  • Site Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Pro Forma Development
  • Regulatory Research

What we do

Our delivery methods

Whether you have a single project or a nationwide program, you can rely on Buffalo’s 25+ years of expertise to manage it—from financial development, operations, and construction to final ownership. Buffalo serves as your representative in overseeing every aspect of your construction project, delivering seamless coordination, optimal efficiency, and exceptional results.

How we do things

The herd build cycle

The Herd Build Cycle is our proven process to deliver exceptional build experiences for our Client Partners.

01. Hatch a Plan

Our planning process begins with an in-depth discovery stage where we listen and create an open dialogue with you. We’ll learn about your needs, goals, and desired outcomes, then develop a tailored approach with a hand-picked team for your project. We dig deep to truly understand your vision and craft a mutually rewarding partnership.

Our Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Building Better means doing the right thing and that includes standing behind our work, no matter what. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our work. If we deliver anything less than top quality, we’ll fix it—no matter how long it’s been since we handed over the keys.

Doing the right thing doesn’t expire—neither does our guarantee.

Meet the herd

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Buffalo is your all-inclusive resource for all things construction. We can transform an empty lot into an amazing space, or upgrade an existing build into a better business. Let us know what we can do for you.

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