Headshot of Adi Giorcelli
Headshot of Adi Giorcelli
Caricature of Adi Giorcelli

Adi Giorcelli

Culture Curator

As Culture Curator, Adi wears a lot of different hats for the Herd – she’s our recruitment liaison, onboarding and events coordinator, swag specialist, and more. With her natural knack for connecting with people, she is continually thinking of innovative ways to help grow our team and keep our culture fresh and unique. Hailing from Roman’s hometown of Louisville, KY, Adi felt the call to roam among the land of the Buffalo in Boulder, CO where she attended the University of Colorado.

After obtaining her B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Business, she moved back to Louisville and joined the Herd. Her ambition to help build the Herd’s team and culture is matched by her wanderlust-driven passion for immersing herself in different cultures all around the globe. Her goal is to visit every continent by the age of 50! When she’s not roamin’ with our Herd or around the planet, Adi loves playing with and pampering her pooch Penelope, a mini Bernedoodle. She also enjoys watching football, trying new restaurants, and hiking.

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