Headshot of Anthony Abbott
Headshot of Anthony Abbott
Caricature of Anthony Abbott

Anthony Abbott

Project Superintendent

We often refer to our Superintendents as Superheroes, because they’re the backbone of our organization and make the impossible possible. So, it’s pretty fitting that when asked to tell us something about himself, Anthony said “I’m Batman”. He joins our Superhero Team of Superintendents with 20 years of experience overseeing projects. His ultimate superpower? His fun and approachable personality allows him to create strong relationships with his Vendor Partners for a smooth and safe project.

When Anthony’s not in the role of construction vigilante rescuing projects, he’s known as Dad, raising 3 girls and 2 boys. In this identity, he enjoys the simpler things in life and spending time with his family BBQ’ing, fishing, and going to hockey and football games. Not surprisingly, Anthony lists base jumping as a major life quest he’d like to accomplish…. maybe he really is Batman!

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