Headshot of Armando Gomez
Headshot of Armando Gomez
Caricature of Armando Gomez

Armando Gomez

Project Superintendent

Meet Armando, the maestro of project supervision at Buffalo Construction, Inc., with over 14 years of experience and an electric personality that lights up every job site. Hailing from Mexico and now proudly calling Texas home, Armando not only brings dedication and a high standard of excellence to his role as Project Superintendent but also spices up the workplace with his infectious sense of humor. As a finalist for Superintendent of the Year three times, Armando clinched the coveted award in 2023, proving that his leadership is no joke, just like his fantastic cooking skills.

Armando is not just a man of steel beams and blueprints; he's a family man with two sons and a loving wife, Karina. When he's not turning construction sites into comedy clubs, Armando sits on the Field Leadership Committee, representing the entirety of the field with ease and calm, much like his approach to managing fast-paced environments and numerous vendor partners. Committed to doing the right thing, Armando leads his projects with camaraderie, always ready to lend a hand and put a smile on everyone's face. Whether he's conquering the Chick-fil-A account or exploring the world, Armando Gomez is the epitome of commitment, excellence, and a dash of humor at Buffalo Construction, Inc.

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