Headshot of Ashley Flood
Headshot of Ashley Flood
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Ashley Flood

Project Engineer

Step into the whimsical world of Ashley, our spreadsheet sorceress and Disney aficionado at Buffalo Construction, Inc. Ashley isn't just a master of spreadsheets; she's also a mom to the enchanting Aurora, named after Sleeping Beauty. Her love for all things Disney is more than just a theme park pilgrimage; it's a lifestyle. With a goal to visit all five Disney parks, she's on a magical quest that makes her the envy of every Disney devotee.

Ashley's not alone in her kingdom; she reigns over a feline court with three regal cats – Theo, Felix, and Lilly. Additionally, when Ashley hangs up her construction hat she puts on her Disney ears and becomes a vacation planner, specializing in crafting Disney dreams for herself and others.

In her quest for a full Disney experience, Ashley even named her daughter after a Disney princess – talk about commitment! Beyond the fairy tales, she harbors a heartwarming goal to adopt children within the next five years. And if that's not enough to fill her royal lineage, her brother adds an Olympic-sized twist as the USA Olympic doubles volleyball coach. At Buffalo Construction, Inc., Ashley brings a touch of Disney magic and a whole lot of spreadsheet sparkle to our team – where dreams don't just come true; they're meticulously planned and flawlessly executed!

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