Headshot of Bill Mattli
Headshot of Bill Mattli
Caricature of Bill Mattli

Bill Mattli

Project Superintendent

Many like to refer to Bill as the wise owl of construction. He carries himself with a presence that is kind, patient, and humble. Bill has been in the construction industry for 40 years. Many of our new teammates look to Bill as a mentor and call him the walking encyclopedia of construction. During his time with Buffalo, he has built retail, restaurant, fuel, and much more! This wise owl is committed to making sure his teammates know they have a person to go to whenever they have questions.

Bill's patience and serene attitude can be witnessed on many rivers in Missouri, where he is an avid and accomplished fly fisherman. Bill lives in Missouri with his wife Judy. Together they have two kids and 3 grandchildren that they love to spend all their free time with. If Bill and Judy are not babysitting the grandkids, you can find them camping, enjoying the outdoors, or fishing.

The highest standards in construction, communication, and client relationships.

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