Headshot of Bill McCrary
Headshot of Bill McCrary
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Bill McCrary

Project Manager

Meet Bill, a Project Manager at Buffalo Construction, Inc., whose journey from laborer to project maestro is as impressive as his knack for hammering metal at 2,000 degrees. Hailing from the heart of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Bill is the epitome of construction expertise, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. A die-hard NFL fan, Bill's loyalty lies with the Cincinnati Bengals, and much like his favorite team, he's ready to tackle any project that comes his way.

When he's not orchestrating construction symphonies, you'll find Bill in his personal workshop, foraging blades and crafting wood with the precision of a gridiron quarterback. The stress release for this construction maestro involves the sweet sound of metal meeting metal, accompanied by an eclectic playlist. Bill's commitment to dependability is not limited to the job site; he's taking it home with him, planning renovations on his new house. From blacksmithing endeavors inspired by late-night forge-watching to his daily quest to learn something new, Bill is not just building structures; he's forging a legacy of expertise, humor, and a dash of Cincinnati Bengals pride at Buffalo Construction, Inc.

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