Headshot of Blake Williams
Headshot of Blake Williams
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Blake Williams

Project Manager

Welcome to the world of Buffalo Construction, where Blake holds court as a seasoned Project Manager. With a decade of construction experience under his belt, Blake brings a perfect blend of expertise and good humor to every job site. When he's not crunching numbers or coordinating schedules, you'll find Blake, alongside his loving wife, Eleni, immersed in a spirited game of hide and seek with his three kids – Carter, Landon, and Elodie.

But Blake's ambitions extend far beyond the construction site. Within the next year, he's set his sights on transforming his basement into a cozy retreat, while his five-year plan involves rehabbing a rental property to its former glory. Off-duty, Blake's passions range from cheering on the Bengals (thanks to a lifelong love nurtured by season tickets) to savoring the smooth notes of a fine bourbon on the tranquil waters of Taylorsville Lake, where he's often found aboard his trusty boat. Blake Williams isn't just a project manager; he's a dedicated family man, a sports enthusiast, and a bourbon aficionado – the quintessential embodiment of Buffalo Construction's spirit and values.

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