Headshot of Brian McGee
Headshot of Brian McGee
Caricature of Brian McGee

Brian McGee

Senior Project Estimator

Brian has a zen-like quality about him that puts everyone around him at ease. It also allows him to remain calm even in the fast paced, deadline driven environment that is estimation. With over 15 years of project management and estimation experience under his belt, Brian joins the Herd as a senior project estimator, leading a team of estimators in bid and budget development for our restaurant concepts. Brian loves serving as a mentor to many and always puts an emphasis on collaboration within his team.

Born and raised in Roman’s hometown of Louisville, KY, Brian graduated from the University of Louisville before joining the construction industry, first in the field and then as a project manager and estimator. Brian prides himself on being a family man and strives to be the best father and husband to his 2 children and wife, Karen. His wife fondly calls him Chip Gains because he is ALWAYS renovating the house at her request. When he is not up on a ladder or under a sink at home you can find him running, boating, or on the couch with the dogs cheering on his favorite football team, The New Orleans Saints.

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