Headshot of Chad Carson
Headshot of Chad Carson

Chad Carson

Project Superintendent

Meet Chad, hailing from the picturesque town of Clarksville, Georgia, now proudly calling Jasper, Georgia, his home. Chad, along with his wife Jessica, daughters River and Parker, and son Boone, adds his southern charm to the Buffalo Construction family.

Chad's journey into the construction world began in 2006 as a subcontractor. With a family background in construction, he found joy in hanging around job sites and getting his hands dirty from a young age. His hands-on approach and passion for the craft set the foundation for his successful career.

Chad takes pride in building everyone's favorite fast-food haven. Chick-fil-A. When he's not crafting impeccable construction projects, you'll find him indulging in his love for the great outdoors – hunting, fishing, and watching college football. As a die-hard University of Georgia football fan, he's witnessed many SEC championship games and two national championship showdowns, adding a touch of Bulldog spirit to the Buffalo herd.

Professionally, Chad aspires to climb the ranks, aiming for a coveted role as a General Superintendent overseeing Chick-fil-A projects. In his current role as a Superintendent, Chad orchestrates field management with finesse, expertly scheduling vendor partners, conducting inspections, ensuring quality control, and prioritizing job site safety. His exceptional communication skills and team-oriented approach make him a highly respected member of the Buffalo Construction family.

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