Headshot of Christine Rey
Headshot of Christine Rey
Caricature of Christine Rey

Christine Rey

Support Manager

Meet Christine, the seasoned Support Manager who's been an integral part of the Buffalo Construction, Inc. herd since 2005. Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Christine's roots run deep with Cuban flair and bilingual charm. A graduate of Miami-Dade Community College, she brings a unique mix of academic prowess and a down-to-earth attitude to the construction table. When not orchestrating support magic, Christine is on a perpetual sprint, running her son to various sports practices like a champion in the parenting Olympics.

Christine is not just a manager; she's a wellness warrior and podcast aficionado, diving into the world of health, meditation, and the mysteries of the microbiome. With a faith as strong as her support game, she's the backbone of the Buffalo Construction family. Whether reading, competing in fierce rounds of Wordle with her family, or cheering passionately for her beloved Baltimore Ravens, Christine approaches life with a mix of humor, dedication, and a touch of Miami heat. With her infectious energy and unwavering support, Christine is the MVP of keeping the Buffalo Construction, Inc. herd on track and thriving.

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