Headshot of Christy Lester
Headshot of Christy Lester
Caricature of Christy Lester

Christy Lester

Project Accountant

One of Christy’s life moto’s is the ‘only constant in life is change, adapt and move forward’. Being a Project Coordinator for BCI requires quick thinking and the ability to adapt to change; two qualities Christy excels in. She studied at Western Kentucky University and graduated with a double Bachelors in Spanish and Language Pathology Studies.

Christy is from Indiana, but has traveled across the globe and continues to explore new places. She loves to travel, in fact, she did two study abroad programs in England and Costa Rica. She has also been to over 30 US states! When she is not on her next adventure you can find her head in a book. She also enjoys listening to music and cooking!

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