Headshot of Chuck Kennedy
Headshot of Chuck Kennedy
Caricature of Chuck Kennedy

Chuck Kennedy

Project Superintendent

Meet Chuck, our woodworking extraordinaire and mild-mannered superhero hailing from the heart of Colt, Arkansas. Armed with a degree in Engineering from Arkansas State, Chuck's background in design adds a unique "edge" to his role as a Superintendent with The Herd.

Currently residing in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Chuck shares his home with his wife, Trish, their five children, and a lovable Yorkie. Chuck's dedication to "Building Better!" with us is unmatched. When he's not overseeing construction projects, you'll likely find him in his natural habitats – hunting or fishing, enjoying the great outdoors.

Chuck's construction prowess extends to a specialty in building hotels across America, showcasing his commitment to excellence. In 2023, his outstanding contributions earned him a nomination for Superintendent of the Year, a testament to his stern yet driven demeanor.

Chuck is more than just a Superintendent; he's a mild-mannered, soft-spoken teddy bear, and if you can't locate him on the job site, chances are he's meticulously crafting something in his workshop – or as we like to joke, we might have "miter saw" him in action.

As a Project Superintendent, Chuck's strength lies in his profound understanding and utilization of our HERD BUILD CYCLE, ensuring that every project under his watch meets the Buffalo Construction standard of excellence. With Chuck leading the charge, our construction endeavors are not just about creating structures; they're about crafting legacies.

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