Headshot of Clay Wallace
Headshot of Clay Wallace
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Clay Wallace

Project Estimator

Clay Wallace is the Former owner of a local restaurant, Café LuLu, so he knows a thing or two about creating spaces that bring people together. Sierra and Andrea, his favorite customers from his café days, can vouch for that! Clay not only is joining the BCI herd but he has a huge herd of his own! As the proud ringleader of a family of six Clay orchestrates the chaos of family life with the precision of a project manager. With two dogs rounding out the crew, Clay claims his #1 job is being a good dad, and with that, he's scoring touchdowns in the family game.

When he's not calculating estimates or cooking up a storm, Clay transforms into a fervent supporter of the Dallas Cowboys and the University of Louisville. He's not just a fan; he's a die-hard attendee at as many Louisville football and basketball games as he can wrangle the family into. And looking ahead to 2026, Clay has set his sights on a Parisian adventure, proving that even construction enthusiasts have dreams beyond blueprints. At Buffalo Construction, Inc., Clay adds a pinch of humor and a whole lot of flavor to our team – the secret ingredient to our success!

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