Headshot of Cynthia Patterson
Headshot of Cynthia Patterson
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Cynthia Patterson

Project Manager

Meet Cynthia, the unstoppable force of determination and organization at Buffalo Construction, Inc. Juggling a trio of dynamic kids – Jeffery, Jessica, and Julie – Cynthia is the maestro of multitasking. Her household herd also includes two dogs, Clay and Penny Lane, affectionately known as "Chunk." True to her core value of determination, Cynthia faces every challenge head-on, transforming problems into opportunities with a resilience that's second to none.

As a problem-solving powerhouse, Cynthia joined as a Project Manager for our hotels and hospitality division with unwavering commitment. Her knack for organization extends beyond the workplace; she thrives on cleaning and staying organized, a necessary skill with her mischievous kids attempting pranks left and right. When she's not orchestrating projects or managing household chaos, Cynthia and her husband find solace in building Lego masterpieces – a delightful hobby that brings out the kid in everyone.

A die-hard University of Louisville Cardinals fan, Cynthia doesn't just cheer from the sidelines; she's on the front lines, attending as many football games as possible with her husband. And in her rare moments of downtime, Cynthia transforms her craft room into a haven of creativity. From refinishing furniture to crafting wood signs, reading books, and pursuing her passion for running and weightlifting, Cynthia proves that a project manager's life is as vibrant and diverse as the projects she manages. At Buffalo Construction, Inc., Cynthia brings a perfect blend of determination, organization, and a touch of humor – the cornerstone of our success!

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