Headshot of Dan Fellows
Headshot of Dan Fellows
Caricature of Dan Fellows

Dan Fellows

Project Superintendent

Originally born in Joliet, IL, Dan and his family moved to Virginia where he received his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech. He went on to start his own commercial construction business for 15 years and is proud of the fact that all of his projects were completed on time and on budget. He also served as the AGC Shreveport chapter President.

As an avid rock-n-roll collector, perhaps it’s no surprise Dan made his way to the home of legendary blues singer and guitarist, Lead Belly in Shreveport, LA. That’s where he and his wife of over 30 years, Patti, reside with their cat. He also enjoys fishing and hunting in his spare time. Dan simply strives to expand his construction experience and wishes for continued good health.

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