Headshot of Dawn Starcher
Headshot of Dawn Starcher
Caricature of Dawn Starcher

Dawn Starcher

Teammate Resource Manager

Meet Dawn, the unsung hero and Teammate Resource Manager extraordinaire at Buffalo Construction, Inc. With the wisdom of a buffalo sage, Dawn has been the keeper of our company's history since 1997, making her the second-longest-tenured member of Team Buffalo. We're not just proud; we're downright grateful that she's still putting up with us!

A Louisville native and Sullivan University alum, Dawn wears multiple hats with flair. Starting her journey in accounting, she swiftly transitioned to office management, becoming Scott's right-hand lady. In the early startup years, Dawn managed it all while starting a family with her husband, Paul. Kaitlyn and Taylor, her two daughters, were the first baby buffalos, marking a special milestone in Buffalo Construction's legacy.

In her current role as Office Manager, Dawn is the maestro of onboarding new teammates, overseeing HR compliance and benefits packages, and ensuring the smooth operation of our Support Center and truck fleet. But Dawn's contributions go beyond the job description; she's the go-to teammate always ready to step in where needed, armed with a can-do attitude and a heart full of empathy – truly one of her many superpowers.

When she's not keeping Team Buffalo in line, you'll find Dawn soaking up the sun at the pool, cheering on NASCAR, and spending quality time with her family. With a career that spans over two decades and a personality that adds flair to our buffalo spirit, Dawn is not just an Office Manager; she's the living history and heartbeat of Buffalo Construction, making every day a bit brighter and more Buffalo-ready.

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