Headshot of Doug Piatt
Headshot of Doug Piatt
Caricature of Doug Piatt

Doug Piatt

Project Accountant

Doug has a keen eye for details, which is why we’re happy to have him crunching numbers in our accounts receivable/accounts payable department. He came to Buffalo in 2015 with several years of experience working with figures for construction projects. But he honed those skills as a student at the University of Louisville, where he went to college.

Originally from Louisville, Doug attended Trinity High School. Now married and a father of two, he still lives in the Louisville area.

When he’s not making sure the Herd’s accounts are in order, you might find him out for a run, inside counting up his points on the latest video game, or developing his mind with a good book. Doug also dreams of someday opening a cozy coffee shop/hobby store with his wife, Buffalo Construction, Inc.’s own Brittney Abell.

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