Headshot of Eric Whitlach
Headshot of Eric Whitlach
Caricature of Eric Whitlach

Eric Whitlach

Director of Field Operations

Meet Eric, Buffalo Construction, Inc.'s maestro of the construction symphony, serving as the Director of Field Operations since he joined Team Buffalo in 2010. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Louisville, Eric is not your average engineer—this guy made waves on the university's swim team and even earned a ticket to the Olympic Trials in 2000. If that's not a splash of success, we don't know what is!

Eric's commitment to the job goes beyond the 9 to 5 grind; he's so dedicated that he takes work home with him. But hey, it's all in the family because his hardworking wife, Christine, is also a proud member of the Buffalo Construction Herd. When Eric isn't making construction magic happen, you might catch him on the golf course, perfecting his swing and likely discussing the day's triumphs and challenges. Balancing work, family, and a good round of golf, Eric Whitlatch stands as the unsung hero of Team Buffalo, turning every construction project into a gold medal performance.

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