Headshot of Erin Anderson
Headshot of Erin Anderson
Caricature of Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson

Project Accountant

Erin is one of those rare jacks-of-all-trades, who also possesses a knack for the analytical. She enjoys assessing processes and seeking opportunities to optimize efficiency and productivity. This talent for problem-solving has served her well in her career and is also why we were thrilled to learn she was joining our finance team as an accounting specialist. Graduating from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s in psychology, it seems analyzing was always in her DNA. Throughout her career, she has shared in our core value of continuous improvement, a permanent hoofprint she leaves wherever she goes.

One of Erin's favorite quotes is "If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." Erin loves to run marathons and go on hikes with her husband, Jason. However, come March, she holds down the couch watching and cheering on her favorite basketball team, the Kentucky Wildcats!

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