Headshot of Garrett Young
Headshot of Garrett Young
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Garrett Young

Project Engineer

Meet our jack-of-all-trades, Garrett, whose life is a perfect blend of family, adventure, and construction mastery. With a loving wife, Mickela and two adorable kiddos, 2-year-old Lincoln and 9-month-old Araya, family is the heartbeat of his world.

Hailing from a hunting legacy, Garrett has bagged a majestic 12-pointer, thanks to the skills passed down by his dad. When he's not conquering the wilderness, he's conquering obstacle courses at Spartan Races, with dreams of tackling one at Wrigley Field in Chicago. A fitness enthusiast, he loves to break a sweat in the gym, balancing the physical challenges with mental stimulation through history books.

A proud graduate of Indiana University with a degree in kinesiology, Garrett recently added another feather to his cap by obtaining a second degree in Construction Management from Indiana Southern University. Now, as part of the project engineering team, he dives into the HERD BUILD CYCLE, documenting, supporting, and executing with precision. Garrett is all about hands-on work, a trait he developed growing up on a farm, working alongside farmers.

His ultimate goal? To build his own house, a dream that perfectly aligns with his passion for construction. With Garrett's dynamic energy and commitment, we're excited to welcome him to the Buffalo family and witness the amazing structures he'll undoubtedly contribute to in the future!

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