Headshot of Hayleigh Martin
Headshot of Hayleigh Martin
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Hayleigh Martin

Project Accounting Manager

Introducing Hayleigh, the delightful maestro of positivity and numbers at Buffalo Construction. With a career background in auditing, she's currently conquering the financial world, armed with a master's degree and on the road to earning her CPA license. Married for three years, Hayleigh is not just balancing spreadsheets; she's also balancing a family, including her adorable daughter, Joleighene Honey, and two lovable doodles, Loki and Whiskey.

Always on the quest for the gold sticker of excellence, Haylleigh is a master of affirmations, showering her family with love, and positive vibes. Her recently acquired house is not just a home; it's a canvas for her culinary artistry, as she loves to cook up a storm. Balancing career ambitions, motherhood, and personal fulfillment, Haylleigh believes in getting the gold sticker in every aspect of life. With her Sunday morning traditions and vibrant personality, she doesn't just bring color to the office; she's the human rainbow of Buffalo Construction, making every spreadsheet brighter and every workday a joyous occasion.

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