Headshot of Jalen North
Headshot of Jalen North
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Jalen North

Field Safety Specialist

Introducing Jalen, Buffalo Construction, Inc.'s safety guardian and the proud homeowner with a flair for canine rescues. Jalen's journey into homeownership began recently, and his new place is already abuzz with the playful antics of Buddy, the dog who triumphantly emerged from a tractor supply parking lot in Richmond, KY, and the adorable new addition, Dolly.

As a Field Safety Specialist, Jalen's superpower lies in quick critical thinking, making him a safety maestro Buffalo Construction, Inc. relies on. Off-duty, Jalen takes the helm as a Squad Leader at the National Guard Armory, where he not only ensures the safety of his team but also serves as a Section Chief for an artillery crew, overseeing everything from maintenance to the careful firing of a 155M Howitzer. With a Bachelor's in Arts of Science in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University and lacrosse prowess earned at the same institution, Jalen brings a unique blend of brains and brawn to the field. Safety is his top priority, not just for construction sites but for every teammate and vendor, ensuring they all get home safely to their loved ones. And when duty calls for more than safety vests, he's a Medical Trained Responder, ready to leap into action. Watch out, Top Gun Competition – Jalen's got his sights set on victory within the next three years!

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