Headshot of Jamie Gregor
Headshot of Jamie Gregor
Caricature of Jamie Gregor

Jamie Gregor

Meet Jamie, an integral part of the heart and soul at Buffalo Construction, Inc., whose journey from Louisville to the sunny shores of Florida embodies her spirit of adventure and dedication. A proud veteran of the United States Air Force, Jamie's journey with Buffalo began in 2011 as the Director of Public Relations, and she's been an indispensable part of the herd legacy ever since. Splitting her time between the vibrant streets of Kentucky and the sun-kissed beaches of Florida with her husband, Scott, Jamie brings a touch of sunshine wherever she goes—though these days, Florida's allure has her hooked!

As a proud mother, Jamie's love for family extends to the entire Buffalo Construction family. A loyal fan of the Louisville Cardinals, particularly the men's basketball team, Jamie's enthusiasm for life makes her the life of the party wherever she roams. When she's not busy spreading joy and cheer, Jamie enjoys indulging her wanderlust, traveling the world and creating cherished memories with her loved ones.

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