Headshot of Jason Lairson

Jason Lairson

Project Superintendent

Introducing Jason Lairson, a versatile project superintendent whose love for construction is only matched by his passion for football and family. A die-hard Cowboys fan with a knack for appreciating the game, Jason's enthusiasm extends to all teams, much like his ability to adapt to any project thrown his way.

While he's a master of building anything from Texas Roadhouse to Chick-fil-A, Jason's greatest joy comes from being a granddad to his five adoring grandchildren. With over 27 years of construction experience under his belt, Jason's commitment to learning and growing is as steadfast as his dedication to his family.

When he's not orchestrating seamless project timelines, you'll find Jason whipping up culinary delights in his kitchen, where he reigns supreme as the self-proclaimed master chef, especially when it comes to cooking meat. And though he may have downsized from farm life to accommodate his growing brood of grandchildren, Jason's love for his family and his craft remains as vast as the Texas sky. With Jason leading the charge, you can be sure that every construction endeavor will be executed with precision, passion, and a healthy dose of football fandom.

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