Headshot of Jay Wilson
Headshot of Jay Wilson
Caricature of Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson

Project Superintendent

Like Roman, Jay knew he was destined for construction from the time he picked up a hammer to help his dad remodel homes. During Jay's senior year of high school, he started his own remodeling business and would do half days at school and spend the rest of the day remodeling homes. Since then, Jay has worked in the construction trade for over 30 years. His extensive knowledge makes him a perfect Project Superintendent for Buffalo.

Jay and his wife Betty have a big herd of their own with five children and 2 pets! Jay is a hobbyist. When he is not working he loves to do leather tooling and make leather goods for his family and friends. He also enjoys cooking everyone’s favorite southern dishes or comfort food because it helps him relax. You can count on Jay to make the best Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixin’s for his big family!

He is a big sports fan as well. He loves to cheer on the Indianapolis Colts and watch NASCAR on the weekends. Betty and Jay love to go to races and have been to Tony Stewart's dirt track in Ohio several times. Over the years, they have lived in 19 different states while Jay has been working as a traveling Project Superintendent, allowing them to see a ton of NASCAR races all across the country.

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