Headshot of Jennifer Pineda
Headshot of Jennifer Pineda
Caricature of Jennifer Pineda

Jennifer Pineda

Project Engineer

Meet Jennifer, our dynamic Project Engineer at Buffalo Construction, Inc., who's been rocking the construction world since she joined our team in 2013. With over a decade of experience, Jennifer is the go-to pro when it comes to fuel and retail projects, showcasing her expertise and commitment to a "field first mentality."

Known for her infectious energy, Jennifer takes the lead in training and coaching teammates, inspiring collaboration, and boosting morale on the job. A Procore whiz, she navigates the construction landscape with finesse, ensuring that our projects run like a well-oiled machine.

Hailing from the sunny city of Los Angeles, Jennifer traded the predictable weather for Kentucky's unpredictable charm. A proud mom of two sons, a grandson, and a granddaughter who is her little mini-me, she balances her vibrant career with a love for family and outdoor adventures. Whether she's conquering the water in her kayak or revving up the excitement at a stock car race, Jennifer knows how to make a splash.

Off-duty, this avid Dallas Cowboys fan transforms into the life of the party, ensuring everyone has a good time. Recently becoming a proud homeowner, Jennifer spends her free time channeling her vivacious spirit into house projects. With a personality as vibrant as her favorite team's colors, Jennifer is not just a Project Engineer – she's the heartbeat of Buffalo Construction, infusing every project with humor, flair, and a touch of California sunshine.

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