Headshot of Joe Cantrell
Headshot of Joe Cantrell
Caricature of Joe Cantrell

Joe Cantrell

Project Superintendent

Joe’s an Ohio Buckeye, originally from the smalltown of Coshocton, Ohio. Today he lives in Simpsonville, Ky., just a short drive from our Louisville office. When Joe joined our team, he brought over 35 years of experience to the Herd. He’s a great leader, and is dedicated to achieving the highest quality product for our clients. He’s also passionate about using his experience to educate the team and helping them have a positive work experience.

Joe attended the Ohio State University. He has two sons and a granddaughter. When he’s not working with the Herd, he enjoys working on antique cars, riding his Harley Davidson and horseback riding. He hopes to one day travel throughout Europe.

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