Headshot of John Hunter
Headshot of John Hunter
Caricature of John Hunter

John Hunter

Owner, Chief Operating Officer

Meet John, the wise owl and Chief Operating Officer extraordinaire at Buffalo Construction, Inc. Since joining Team Buffalo in 2006, John has played a pivotal role in steering the Herd to success. At Buffalo Construction, we turn to John as our resident oracle, the one with all the answers and a calming demeanor that makes him approachable and reassuring. A graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, he brings both wisdom and wit to the table.

John's expertise extends beyond the construction site – he's a licensed real estate agent with hands-on experience in both commercial and residential real estate development. Born and raised in the heart of Kentucky, he currently resides in Shelbyville with his wife Tracy, forming a dynamic duo known for their warm hospitality.

Beyond his role as a COO, John is a family man with two grown children – John Jr., a professional fisherman, and Jackie, a high-ranking executive at PepsiCo. As a proud grandfather to the sweet boy Chase, John balances the demands of work and family seamlessly. Outside the boardroom, he is a self-proclaimed home improvement junkie, finding solace in hunting, fishing, and woodworking. In the summertime, you'll catch him enjoying the sunshine by his pool, always with a smile on his face that makes him a joy to be around. John isn't just the wise owl at Buffalo Construction; he's the heart and soul of the Herd, making every venture a success with his blend of expertise, humor, and a touch of Kentucky charm.

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