Headshot of Julia Geraci
Headshot of Julia Geraci
Caricature of Julia Geraci

Julia Geraci

Safety Director

Have you ever met a person and thought, “Wow, they are badass!”? Well, that’s our Julia! She graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety & Health. After graduating, Julia traveled and lived in Greeneville, SC, Columbia, SC, Newnan, GA, Knoxville, TN, Dayton, TN, Cleveland, OH, and Detroit, MI. She loves to explore and discover new experiences. Julia is a highly motivated go-getter. She starts every day with a to-do list and ensures everything is crossed off by the end of the day. She is passionate about safety and we are lucky to have her as our Safety Director.

In her free time, she loves to be outdoors. She is an avid runner and likes to trail hike, go on backpacking trips, and rock climb. When she is not seeking a new adventure, she likes to spend time with her boyfriend and tend to her garden. Julia also loves to cook. She would much rather have a home-cooked meal than eat out, especially if her mom is making her world-famous mashed potatoes.

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