Headshot of Katelyn Rice
Headshot of Katelyn Rice
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Katelyn Rice

Project Administrator

Originating from the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico, she migrated to the Bluegrass State to pursue education at Boyce College, and boy, are we lucky she did!

Being the second oldest in a squad of four siblings, Katelyn is no stranger to teamwork – a quality she carries into her love for volleyball, a sport that has been a constant thread in the fabric of her life. Which is a great thing because teamwork is a valuable asset in the construction industry and Katelyn does this with ease. But when she's not working, one of her favorite things to do is eat Chips Ahoy on the beach, her absolute favorite indulgence. When she's not spiking volleyballs or savoring sweet treats, Katelyn is on a mission to explore the culinary landscape, aiming to try a new restaurant every month.

Beyond the construction site, she transforms into a triple-threat powerhouse: a fitness enthusiast, a cleaning maestro, and a culinary artist. With an infectious smile that lights up any room, Katelyn brings her vibrant personality to our company!

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