Headshot of Kevin Rambo
Headshot of Kevin Rambo
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Kevin Rambo

Project Superintendent

Introducing Kevin, a powerhouse behind the scenes at Buffalo Construction, where he holds the title as one of our dedicated Project Superintendents. With a brood of three sons, including one proud Marine, and a household bustling with the dynamic duo of a loyal dog and the "best cat in the world," Kevin's life is as lively as a construction site on a bustling Monday morning. A die-hard Steelers fan through and through, Kevin's passion for his team rivals his commitment to delivering top-notch construction projects.

When he's not rallying behind the black and gold, you'll likely find Kevin perfecting his swing on the golf course or whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen. With a golf handicap goal set to a lofty 6 (currently a respectable 12), Kevin's determination knows no bounds, much like his penchant for irresistible cookies. As a former Marine, Kevin brings a disciplined approach and unwavering dedication to every endeavor, ensuring that projects are executed with precision and excellence. And when it's time to indulge, Kevin's favorite restaraunt is none other than the Capital Grille—a fitting choice for a man who appreciates quality, just like the buildings Buffalo Construction erects.

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