Headshot of Philip "Krusty" Gamez
Headshot of Philip "Krusty" Gamez
Caricature of Krusty Gamez

Philip "Krusty" Gamez

Warranty Manager

Being a trilingual globetrotter is only part of the reason we think Krusty is the most interesting man in our world. He’s a true go-getter who is always learning and, as Warranty Manager, he's making sure we are living up to our word of Doing the Right Thing, No Matter What.

Krusty speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese — in fact, he studied electrical engineering in Paraná, Brazil. Not to mention, he’s traveled the world “many times over.” When he’s not solving problems for our Client Partners, he tinkers with planes and drones. Sounds super interesting to us!

And if you’re wondering where he got that interesting nickname, well, you’ll just have to ask him for yourself!

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