Headshot of Larry Glidewell
Headshot of Larry Glidewell
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Larry Glidewell

Buffalo Builders Crew Lead

Introducing Larry, our esteemed Buffalo Builders Crew lead. With his daughter, Paxton, as his guiding star, Larry brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to every job site. A connoisseur of fine brews, Larry's love for beer is as robust as his commitment to quality craftsmanship. When he's not orchestrating the perfect build, you can catch Larry revving up his engines as a dedicated Nascar enthusiast, embracing the adrenaline rush of any racing event with fervor.

In his downtime, Larry's interests span the spectrum from leisurely rounds of frisbee golf to savoring the delights of any middle-range steakhouse – after all, a man's gotta refuel after a hard day's work! With "Like a rock" as his motto, Larry embodies the steadfast dedication and unwavering resolve that defines Buffalo Construction. So, if you're seeking a Crew Lead who combines expertise with a dash of charisma, Larry is your go-to guy.

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