Headshot of Laura Marlin
Headshot of Laura Marlin
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Laura Marlin

Project Accountant

Meet Laura, a multi-talented project accountant at Buffalo Construction, Inc., whose quiet demeanor transforms into a symphony of skills once you get to know her. With an impressive 34 years of marriage to her partner-in-crime, Troy, Laura is not just balancing the books; she's also navigating the joys of being a grandmother to two energetic grandsons. On their farm, where chaos meets country charm, Laura and Troy oversee 13 cattle, 28 chickens, 3 rabbits, and the charismatic Redtick Coon hound, Waylin.

Born and raised in Louisville, Laura is a true Kentucky gem, embodying the spirit of the Bluegrass State with her love for challenges and the ability to multitask like a pro. From coaching a 4H shooting club to processing her own deer meat, Laura is a force to be reckoned with. In her downtime, you can find her engrossed in books, tending to her garden, or aiming for the bullseye at the shooting range. With her favorite quote being "the most effective way to do it is to do it" by Amelia Earhart, Laura brings her can-do attitude and a wealth of knowledge to the Buffalo Construction, Inc. family, making her not just an accountant but a powerhouse of rural resilience and construction wit.

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