Headshot of Lee Fowler
Headshot of Lee Fowler
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Lee Fowler

Talent Acquistion

Say hello to Lee, the vibrant Talent Acquisition Specialist at Buffalo Construction, Inc., whose personality shines as brightly as the steel beams she helps bring onto the team. Lee is not your average professional – she's a trailblazer, both in the office and on the Appalachian Trail, which she conquered solo in a mere 5 months. When she's not scaling mountains, Lee's Colorado roots shine through in her love for rock climbing, backpacking, and shredding the slopes on skis, always with her faithful sidekick, Margo, the four-legged adventurer, by her side.

Lee brings her can-do attitude not only to the trails but also to her home projects, collaborating with her partner, Jordan, to turn their house into a DIY masterpiece. With a passion for community service, Lee dedicates her time to organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, embodying her favorite quote: "Your attitude and perception of the world are a direct reflection of yourself." From board games and card nights to nurturing her green thumb, Lee embraces what some might call "old lady hobbies" with youthful enthusiasm. With Lee on the team, Buffalo Construction, Inc. doesn't just build structures; they build a community of joy, adventure, and a whole lot of laughter.

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