Headshot of LeeAnn Diaz
Headshot of LeeAnn Diaz
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LeeAnn Diaz

Field Safety Specialist

Introducing LeeAnn, a Field Safety Specialist at Buffalo Construction, Inc., hailing from the rolling hills of Georgetown, Kentucky, with a flair for safety that rivals her enthusiasm for a good Bengals game. With a heart as warm as the Miami sun she once lived under, LeeAnn brings a personal touch to her safety role, aiming to be a helpful resource rather than a safety cop. When she's not ensuring everyone's well-being on the construction site, you might find LeeAnn immersed in her dual life as a mother to 5-year-old Asher and a published poet with two books already under her belt.

Beyond the construction zone, LeeAnn's passport is as well-worn as a favorite book, thanks to her love for world travel and cruise adventures. Fluent in Bulgarian, a skill acquired during her globetrotting escapades, LeeAnn is not just building bridges for safety but breaking language barriers too. Spot her with a diet coke in hand - it's her fuel for juggling online master's courses, writing poetry, and being a dedicated advocate for the well-being of her Buffalo Construction, Inc. family. With LeeAnn, safety isn't just a job; it's a heartfelt commitment to ensuring everyone gets home safe and sound.

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