Headshot of Lucas Meiners
Headshot of Lucas Meiners
Caricature of Lucas Meiners

Lucas Meiners

Project Engineer

Lucas graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics. He is currently completing his MBA at the University of Louisville while he operates as a Field Engineer for the Herd. We must say we do have a soft spot for brainiacs and Lucas nails that description on the head.

Being a Field Engineer poses a lot of challenges and pop up threats every day and you have to have a great deal of patience to think clearly. That is no problem for Lucas. He is an avid fisherman which requires a great deal of patience. He loves to bass fish on the Ohio River or at his family’s farm. In fact, the biggest largemouth he has ever caught was on his family’s property in Georgia and it was 9lbs! When he is not on the water reeling in fish he loves to work on his boat, go hunting with friends, and watch football. He loves the Minnesota Vikings!

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