Headshot of Maddie Sturgeon
Headshot of Maddie Sturgeon
Caricature of Maddie Sturgeon

Maddie Sturgeon

Project Engineer

To see the world through Maddie’s eyes is to see magic and opportunity around every corner, a valuable lens to have as Project Coordinator, which often requires wizardry-like skills to get the job done. Born in Louisville, KY, she left the bluegrass for the Florida sun to pursue her BA in Political Communication, a minor in Graphic Design and minor in Spanish at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. While in Florida, she also worked for Disney and learned what it takes to make magic from the O.G. of magic making himself, Walt Disney.

Maddie’s taken those lessons back to the Herd in Louisville where she also brings her natural gift as an attentive listener. In her spare time, she enjoys Cycle Bar, reading, watching movies, playing with her dog and traveling. In the future, she dreams of traveling the world or becoming a mermaid …. well, you’re already a Buffalo, Maddie, so anything’s possible.

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