Headshot of Matt Dudley
Headshot of Matt Dudley
Caricature of Matt Dudley

Matt Dudley

Business Unit Leader

Matt has always known he wanted to be in construction. He went to Purdue University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering and Management. Matt has been in the construction industry for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge about large project types. He has built healthcare, higher education, pharmaceutical, and sports buildings, to name a few. One of Matt’s favorite projects in his portfolio is the Chicago Cubs Clubhouse. Matt now roams with the Herd as a Project Executive leading our hotel and regional focus team.

At home, Matt has a small herd of his own with his wife, Emily, and their 4 daughters. On most weekends, Matt serves as the Dudley Family Chauffeur. Haha! He and his family love to travel. Matt and Emily have a goal to visit all of the MLB Parks together and they are currently at 13. The Dudley Family also has a tradition of letting the girls pick their vacation spot for the year and Japan has come up several times. Matt hopes to make his girls' dreams come true with a trip to Japan soon.

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